Daniel Ortiz: Life Abroad Changes You

Expatty Podcast
Published on Dec 30, 2020
This month I speak with Daniel Ortiz. Danny has been in public speaking and business for the past 20 plus years, which has allowed him to travel the world. His life was humbled by different life experiences he had from visiting and working in impoverished foreign countries. I speak with Danny about how working abroad changed him.

Danny was born in the South Bronx, NY and has experienced first hand the challenges and difficulties of being raised in the inner city, by a single mom.

Danny Ortiz has a drive and passion to equip and send this generation to live for Jesus and establish His kingdom by encountering His presence. His desire is to help and encourage each individual he meets by serving in their development: spiritually, wellness education and community living. His heart is to awaken this generation to positive change and being driven by their end result. Danny’s goal is to help everyone he meets to understand their full potential as well as to see and fulfill their purpose and dreams.

He has a degree from Vision University and he continues to serve in the capacity of, Executive Director at The Wave, partner of 22 Ventures and founder of You Decide You. Learn more about Daniel at www.thewavecolumbus.com. He is a husband of over 20 years and a father of three incredible girls.


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