Live Stream Requirement Options

  • OBS Studio: Download and install OBS Studio from
  • Open OBS and go to Settings > Output > Output Mode and select Advanced, then change below where it says "Keyframe Interval" and enter 1 in the input box, then click OK. This step must be done one time only and the setting will be remembered afterwards.
  • We recommend keeping the Bitrate setting between 2500-3500 Kbps.

    • LARIX Broadcaster phone app: You can stream live from your phone using the Larix Broadcaster app. Launch in your phone browser and Go Live!, then start recording on Larix Broadcaster to stream live instantly. It's a one-time set up. Just enter your RockNTix Live! stream url and stream key combined in one line (separated by a forward slash "/") in the "url" field in Larix, as well as your RockNTIx Live! username and password. Make sure to select RTMP as your connection. Here's a visual setup aid: LARIX APP SETUP

      • RESTREAM: You can also stream live using Restream by creating a custom desintation to RockNTix Live!
      • OTHER LIVE STREAMING SOFTWARE OPTIONS: Basically, you can use any type of streaming software that has RTMP connection options.

        TIPPING IN THE CHAT DURING YOUR LIVE STREAM: Viewers of your live stream can tip you in the chat. They can buy tokens and send the tips in the chat. 100 tokens = $1. Once you reach the threshold of 1000 tokens ($10), you will receive your payout to the PayPal address you entered on your account.
        NOTE: Make sure to add your Paypal address to your account in My Account > Email Options > Payout Address.

      OBS Preparation

      Starting a Live Stream

      • Log in and click the Go Live! button at the top of the screen; OR
      • Go to Media Library (Uploads).
      • From the icon toolbar located on the left side, click on "Streams".
      • From the icon toolbar located on the right side, click on "Add New Stream".
      • You will be prompted with a popup where you can set the title, description, tags and select the category of the live stream.
      • After submitting, you will see the "Stream Setup" page.
      • The "Stream Server" and "Stream Name/Key" will need to be added in OBS.
      • Open OBS and go to Settings > Stream.
      • At "Service", select "Custom...".
      • At "Server" copy/paste the "Stream Server" from the site.
      • At "Stream key" copy/paste the "Stream Name/Key" from the site.
      • Click OK.
      • Click Start Streaming.
      • If you see the green square, then your stream is live.
      • Your live stream will be listed in the Browse Streams section and on the homepage.
      • To stop streaming, open OBS and click the Stop Streaming button.
      • After the live stream ends, a VOD will be saved and listed in the Browse Stream section, in the Recent tab.