RockNTV Partner Program

Join the RockNTV Partner Program today and start earning revenue from every Subscriber to your channel!

  • RockNTix Live! shares 75% from every paid subscription to your channel. That means when someone subscribes to you for $5, you will get 75% of that, namely $3.75.
  • Currently, RockNTix Live! does not have an advertising revenue-sharing program. We will update this page if and when one is put in place.

  • Receiving Tips During Your Live Stream: ALL users (Member and Partner Channels) can receive tips during their live streams. You do not have to have a Partner account to receive tips during your live streams. Viewers of your live stream can tip you in the chat. They can buy tokens and send the tips right through the chat. 100 tokens = $1. Once you reach the threshold of 1000 tokens ($10), you will receive your payout to the PayPal address you entered on your account.

    How to Apply

    • When you initially register on RockNTix Live!, you can select Partner from the Account Type dropdown menu to instantly become a Partner.
    • If you are currently a Member, you can become a Partner by going to the Subscribers Panel and clicking the "Apply for Partner" button.

    How it Works

    • Only Partner accounts may have paid Subscribers and benefit from the revenue sharing program.
    • Partner accounts have access to additional tools and features for managing their subscriber earnings.
    • The following additional features will be unlocked for partner accounts, within the Subscribers Panel section:
      • Revenue Reports - charts and graphs for earned revenue and subscribers (weekly, monthly, yearly).
      • Manage Payouts - manage and keep track of your payments.
    • Partner accounts can also have a "verified badge" assigned next to their username.

    PLEASE NOTE: You may NOT use the Partner program to earn revenue from copyrighted material that you do not own the rights to.

    Getting Paid

    • Partner accounts are required to have a minimum of 1 subscribers in order to get paid.
    • Payouts for partner accounts are calculated and generated automatically between the 13-15th of every month.
    • The website administrator will then issue PayPal payments to the PayPal addresses of the partner accounts.
    • Partner accounts will be notified by email after every payment that has been issued.

    Cancelling the Partner Membership

    • A Partner may request the termination of the partner account at any time, by accessing the Subscribers Panel and clicking the "Request Partner Cancellation" button.
    • After confirming your Partner cancellation, your account will immediately revert to Member status.
    • All of your uploads will become available to everyone and you will no longer receive Subscriber fees.

    Terms of Use

    • All Partner accounts are subject to RockNTix Live! Terms of Use.