Harry & Meghan Struggling to Remain Relevant _ King Charles To Bring Change to Royal Monarchy

Published on Oct 17, 2022
Hello! Everyone, Welcome to another video, Today's video talks about moral compass. Why Did Harry & Meghan Hire This Person? Would you want to know more details about it? As a result, this video is for you.
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Global leaders need to respect the people and not try to show they are trying to help people but proving false to the things they do. I discuss the most recent hiring practices of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. It's not okay to hire people like this when you are trying to fight for the voices of women and their rights and protection.

**DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A JOURNALIST. I operate this channel giving my opinion about royal news and to look for teachable moments! Everything in this video and my other videos on my channel are for entertainment purposes, these are my opinions and thoughts and are subjective. I must advise you to do your own research. All media I use was found on the public domain and are fair use and fair dealing. Some readings from news articles and books have been edited down to save on time, if you want to see full quotes from my readings, please read the source material I provide or contact me to learn more.

Source: On my channel I read from different news articles and comment on them. In most cases, I shorten the final version of the news article that I am reading to save on time. I encourage you to do your own research.

*Fair Use Act, entertainment purposes only, allegations, rumors, research, facts, opinions, speculations, maybe and what ifs, theories. I suggest that you use your own discretion when watching my videos and please do your own research if you want reliable information. My perspective is just that, mine and you might, or you might not relate to what I have to say. I have NOT done this video to be malicious in anyway. I encourage people to be nice and the best version of themselves.

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